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Following email was from a mother with a 4 years old son, Bristol, who had been diagnosed with Autism. From the first Reiki session offered by our therapist Nikki, Bristol responded quickly and favorably. In a short few months, he had shown dramatic improvement. Combined with other treatments, Bristol lately has been tested with unusual "genius" level of high IQ! Wow!

Sun 3/07/2010 9:36 PM

Sun 3/07/2010 9:36 PM

I wanted to say thank you so much for helping my son, Bristol. I appreciate everything! You have an amazing and wonderful staff. You helped not only my son, but me. You have helped my understanding of the mind and body. Nikki showed me new ways to help my son
homeopathically and naturally. To heal our children, we must learn and appreciate the practices that are not always accepted by our doctors.

The body and the mind are amazing things. Nikki was able to make me understand the healing powers of the mind and body. Thank you for all your wonderful and caring staff. I hope you are able to help so many other families out there, like you helped us!

Thank You So Much,

Shannon W.
(with a son on his way to recovery)


Amazing massage...Heather is AWESOME!

Heather is a wonderful therapist, and the massages that I have received from
her at CMBC are definitely the best that I have ever had. I will definitely be back.

Thank you Heather!



Excellent Massage!

I just want to express my gratitude for the excellent massage work you have provided me over the past 6 months while I have been on assignment in Charlotte. I found it extremely difficult to find a reputable massage center which could work around my schedule (even picking me up from my hotel) and offer the variety of services as yours. I have been getting massages regularly for over six years and can honestly say I have never been to a place which offered the variety of therapists with the same standards and consistency as
yours. Your techniques are great, and I have always felt better after a session. I really appreciate the work you and your staff have done and look forward to visiting you again if I am ever back in the area.


Steve G. (Dallas, TX)


Dear Amma:

Thank you so much for such a relaxing and rejuvenating massage yesterday. I feel 100% better! You have a soothing, healing touch and I'm glad I found you.

I'm also impressed with the beautiful space you've created. I'll do what I can to
refer clients your way.

I'll call you again soon to schedule another massage. I wish you all the best.


Nancy W (massage therapist, owner & trianer of 25 years)

I was very discouraged when conventional means was not helping my frozen
shoulder. But I consider myself fortunate to have found Charlotte M&B Center. What I found
there was friendly people more than willing to help me with many options, and Massage Therapists who each had very unique ways of dealing with my problem. Today I can use my shoulder better than I thought I was ever going to be able to again. I not only met people who really cared and showed me how to help myself but people who have helped me gain a new outlook on life to better it. As I said I consider myself fortunate.


Arnold F. (Charlotte)

I had a wonderful massage from Amma Liu. Her training and experience shows that she a very capable massage therapist. I highly recommend her work.

Tom (Owner & Trainer of Massage & Bodywork Spa in Grand Priarie, TX )